Guest Checkout

January 2022 - present


The NWTC event portal user flow prompts the user to create an account or sign in before continuing in the registration process. This prompt for login became a barrier for registration for recruitment-related events and we noticed a significant drop-off at this step in Google Analytics reporting.

Event registration guest checkout - prompting the user for their info so we can create a lead for them.


We have mocked up an alternative user flow that would be available only for free events. If the event has the “Guest checkout” setting in admin, the user is asked their name and contact info, but otherwise be able to continue registration without creating a login. Results are sent into the CRM as a lead, and we will provision an account behind the scenes for those users. If a user returns and wants to create an account, they are asked to reset their password to upgrade their account.

User Flow

Guest checkout - the event detail page hasn't changed much. Event portal guest checkout - if the event is free display a short form prompting the user for only the info we need to create a lead. Provide a registration summary screen so we can display any notes or disclaimers and the user can confirm. Display a thank you page with a customizable message.


  • Google analytics reports indicated a significant drop off during registration for free events at the “Create an Account” step. 
  • A test plan is underway to conduct a moderated usability study of the prototype.



While the prototype hasn't been tested yet, it has been a great help in getting internal departments to think through the process. We have noticed more stakeholders more effectively putting themselves in the shoes of a real user.

Final product

Due to limited resources, we will be holding off on programming this capability until later in the year. 

Figma prototype of the guest checkout flow