Student Portal: Contextual Content

February 2022 - May 2022


NWTC students would see the same static content each time they logged into the Student Portal with no prompts to complete tasks like send in their transcripts or pay their bill. The college wanted to provide a more personalized experience that helped guide students through the process of applying to their program, completing their application requirements, registering for classes, and paying their bill. 

Student Portal home page for applicants
Student portal home page for prospects


The IT department created a CMS screen within the portal admin where we could save images and messages associated with different student states. From there, I designed three visual concepts for presentation to the IT department on both desktop and mobile devices. Once the team settled on a final concept, I chose engaging images and wrote friendly directional copy for each element that would be displayed to the end user. 



The Enrollment department provided evidence in the form of call center question frequency to determine the areas students were having the most difficulty locating. The team used that data to prioritize what messages to expose to students upon logging into the portal.


I created a Google Data Studio dashboard to track traffic flow improvements to different sections of the portal. I expect to see improved click through to the areas indicated as difficult to find by initial research. I will also be on the lookout for bounces or any other data points that indicate student confusion. 

Desktop Concepts

Student portal desktop concept version 1Student portal desktop concept version 2Student portal desktop concept version 3

Mobile Concepts

Student portal mobile concept version 1Student portal mobile concept version 3Student portal mobile concept version 3

Before and After

NWTC Student Portal home page prior to redesignStudent portal home page for current students after redesign


View the Mobile PrototypeView the Desktop Prototype

Note: lime green boxes include wayfinders to show different student views. They are not part of the design.

Final product

The NWTC Student Portal is behind authentication and not visible to the general public. Please reach out to me if you would like a walkthrough.
Figma prototype of the different student views on the Student portal